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Scott McKimmy Discussion started by Scott McKimmy 8 years ago
As many of you, I am sure, are receiveing some emails from people (other coaches) marketing their products. If you are not familier, from an email distribution list your receive a small teaser write-up that prompts you to click a link and then a landing page opens up that seems to go on for every. It has a lot of detail about the product, testimonials, bonus material, etc, Then there is a button that says "Buy" or "Try me" then you go to a shopping cart page and can buy the product or sign-up for a seminar.

Does anyone know how to do that or is there a company that can do that for me. It may be easier than I think but help would be appreciated.

Daniel Bonitsky
Daniel Bonitsky Hi Scott,

There are quite a few email list managers and campaign managers out there. The one that I've settled on is Mail Chimp. They provide a very...
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8 years ago
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