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I am a Jan 2013 CTA Graduate with an interest in joining coaching groups. I need some assistance with this process. Can someone assist me? Thank You, Cheryl Ketchens - Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker, Wellness Is Power.Com, LLC. Email:... Show more

Bill Weiss Have you looked into an ICF chapter local to you? If there is not one local to you - let's start up one here at coachesandmentors.com 7 years ago

Hi All,
I am new here - just completed my coaching course work and in the final steps of my certification. I have just signed on two new clients (yay), but need to provide the welcome packet now. The documents and directions in the Accelerator are great -...
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I hope you enjoy my monthyly blog and like me on facebook.


Hello fellow coaches, I am a recent graduate of CTA, and am looking to build my practice, with the expertise of all of you. I look forward in being part of the coaching world. Thank you all.


Very excited to get my coaching career up and running!


Hello friends. I am a recent Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach graduate and am extremely honored to join the ranks of CTA grads. The experience with Coach Nan and my colleagues is second to none! I'm ready to grow my business... Show more

I am so thankful for the opportunities the Coaches Training Alliance affords me. From great training (from a spectacular training coach Laurie Cameron) to side-bar menus for continued training, I feel totally prepared to grow my business in a healthy,... Show more

Hello all. I had to set my coaching aside for awhile and now I am ready to start things back up. One idea I started toying with is working with kids. I did a sample group session a year or so ago. A mother brought her 13 year old daughter with her in... Show more