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    A coach with a gift
    Geraldine is a clairvoyant that has been reading Tarot, Gypsy and Angel cards since she was 15 years old. Her readings will give you a precise guidance of what you are living at the moment with a special coaching touch that can bring you towards enlightenment together with physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
    As a certified coach, Geraldine has worked with executives, professionals, students and others in helping them attain their professional, emotional, personal and spiritual life goals and objectives.
    As a certified coach, Geraldine will bring her experience closer to you so that you are able to have a broader understanding of who you are, your true essence and how to work on important issues. The combination of her coaching clairvoyant skills makes Geraldine a special coach.
    With careful and compassionate guidance comes enlightenment as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.
    You will be experiencing an awakening towards who and what is important to focus on.

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