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    I was the owner of a brick & mortar boutique: Que Linda
    working side by side my mother Rev. Emma-intuitive massage. We put together a "center" in our community to be of mind, body & spirit guidance.
    Through this space I stepped into my own work and found that my customers came to me for guidance. It has been my work to decipher what that meant. It lead me to coaching. Here I am doing the work that has been asked of me, and finding all of my life's experiences and work have lead me to this. So grateful to be a CTACC. So grateful for this community. And looking forward to guiding all that seek this work.
    As a mother of 2 young men in their early 20s & 2 step-daughters also in their early 20s my niche work has developed to Young Adults leaving home & being out in the "real world" for the first time. And the flip side of the coin-the Empty-Nest parents of the Young Adults. This is a field of great passion to me. I know this field from 20+ years of life experience and growth. I look forward to reaching, guiding and coaching this glorious niche.
    Because of my personal journey & stepping into my calling of being a Life Coach, I now travel to sites, events and special meet-ups with clients. I have closed my brick and mortar to be available to this work in all ways. Much gratitude for this path I am now upon.
  • Occupation
    Life Coach