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    I am a life and wellness coach (licensed New Life Wellness Story) that helps nurses manage stress through self-care promotion. I also work with others to obtain clean eating habits, fitness scheduling, and optimal wellness. In my business, Navinursecoaching.com, LLC, I strive to connect with the client in order to help them reach a more desired level of wellness. We look at the physical, emotional, and the motivational components of their being. This is most often achieved by meeting weekly with the client via teleconference and following an agenda towards personal goals. I am thankful and able to use my knowledge about human behavior (MSW, VCU) in order to partner with clients to overcome ineffective thinking patterns, behaviors, and challenges that keep them from achieving their ultimate level of wellness. Together, we collaborate for the benefit of the client's movement and change. Please visit www.navinursecoaching.com for more. FREEE 30 minute consultation.