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    I am a certified coach and psychotherapist (NJ LCSW) with over ten years experience helping individuals and families manage significant change. I have worked with virtually every stage in the life span. My favorite clients are young adults just embarking on exciting challenges...off to college, new to the workforce, moving out of mom & dad's, and freshly engaged or newly married. Such exciting times! But sometimes people need a little extra support to facilitate creative thinking, to problem solve, to set goals, and to remain accountable for achieving milestones. That's where I come in! In a co-creative collaboration, I act as your partner in accountability to help you make your dreams a reality.

    My speciality is working with individuals experiencing sudden life transitions. Change is an inescapable fact of life but not everyone is comfortable with it. Discomfort is heightened when change comes in the form of an unexpected loss or crisis. Examples include death of a loved one, loss of employment, the sudden end of a relationship, or personal health issues. In order to move forward, an action plan is needed but sometimes developing one seems impossible. Allow me to help. Together, we can create a personalized strategy to restore a sense of control and begin the journey to a new normal.
  • Occupation
    Psychotherapist & Certified Coach