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    Change is challenging, there's no doubt, but with tenacity, some courage and yes, a bit of pluck! I have seen awesome people change the world. I help public relations gurus stay energized and motivated while they work and live their lives as the world's change-makers. With spirited and determined courage we tackle all obstacles large and small, and bring about massive change by supporting the change-makers.

    After more than a decade of working on campaigns and in the offices of elected leaders, I am now putting my leadership skills to work coaching individuals and groups who are or desire to be our worlds' change-makers.

    If you haven't met him yet, my best and first client is my husband, Odie. We are parents to two spunky (growing way too fast) girls Ainsley and Berkley, and we try to remember to feed our little white dog (LWD) Bailey (don't worry, she doesn't let us forget) and every so often, Flirf, our Persian cat, graces us with her presence.

    We enjoy getting out to our favorite campgrounds and spending time around the campfire with family and friends as often as possible.