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    I have come to coaching after many years working as an individual and family therapist. For the past 17 years I lived and worked in beautiful New Hampshire, first at an agency and then in private practice. I moved to Georgia because of my husband's job and started thinking really hard about what I wanted to do. Even though I loved what I was doing, I felt somewhat constrained by the medical model and decided to explore coaching. I bring to coaching my desire to help people succeed, my counseling background and the fact that I have successfully navigated many life transitions.
    Life has taught me that things often don't work out as planned, no matter how well we planned, that change is scary but necessary and that it is very hard to carry the burden alone. I also know that when we are in midst of making big decisions, navigating life transitions, it is sometimes hard to see the big picture and that we benefit from having a sounding board, someone who can help us keep on eye on the ball, find our own answers to reach our goals.