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    Audra Byrne: Advocacy Coach and Leadership Mentor

    I help my working mothers to self-advocate, identify their leadership gifts and intentionally communicate their personal or professional needs.

    As a coach and mentor, I bring a results-driven, co-creative experience to my time with my clients. As an intuitive empath, my clear ability to welcome vulnerability and honesty into the working discussion space allows my clients to bring forth life-altering changes into their daily living.

    I am deeply passionate about connecting with, motivating, and elevating others to see the positive force of growth in their lives. As a born leader, my career roles span experiences as a middle school teacher and administrator, a professional group fitness instructor, a devoted wife to my husband Brian, a full-time mother to our 3 amazing children, an entrepreneur, and a multi-organization volunteer, to name a few. Over the course of many years, and through each of these different leadership opportunities, I have used self-advocacy coaching as an integral part of helping individuals to write their new story.