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    My passion and purpose in life has always been to help people overcome physical challenges and become empowered so that they can find their passion and purpose to live their best life.
    I have been coaching friends, family, co-workers and even neighbors from before I even knew what life coaching was. I have always tried to help people see life from a different perspective. As a person with a disability, I have learned to live creatively and do things differently to ultimately get the results I wanted in life.

    I have never taken no for an answer. In fact, I will work through a challenge just to prove to someone that it CAN be done... I just have to tweak it to work for me.
    While people say I inspire them... the world, and those living and loving life, is what truly inspires me. I became a life coach to help others be their own inspiration--to take a deep look at their life, and live creatively to make their dreams come true.