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    I have a colorful background, as I'm sure all of you have as well. US Army veteran, two masters degrees in science, and heavy into the personal development scene since 2009. Besides have this awesome new title of Life Coach, I am also licensed to teach mentor courses Power of [-Self Esteem, -Purpose, -Connction] through the More To Life program.

    My company's name is PL Stafford & Associates, with a focus on the "Associates" part. I bring other businesses into my home (company's headquarters ;) ) to share their knowledge with the people in my niche. Although I've not yet gotten a solid understanding of what my niche is, I'm finding that my niche is finding me!

    I'm a part-time Life Coach. I'm still a full-time employee at a huge company churning out computer code. yay... :( I'm not thrilled with my job, but I LOVE the pay. I can retire in five years if I want. I'm looking forward to that and focusing on my coaching practice and continuing to traveling to unfamiliar places for retreats and learning. This year I'm off to Cosa Rica!