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    My name is Jade DesHotel, and I love helping divorced women gain self-awareness, live up to their full potential, and create lives more wonderful than they could have ever imagined!

    After my divorce at age 25, I battled with depression, anxiety, insomnia, a multitude of health issues, and suicidal ideation. In the beginning, I felt I had no one to talk to, no one who could truly understand my suffering. There was no one to tell me that IT WAS OK to listen to my heart if it was telling me to leave! Those times were tough, but I know now how necessary they were for my personal evolution. My world was slowly turned upside down again, and again, and again...and I'm so thankful for that. Since the divorce, I have moved out of state, studied nutrition and naturopathic medicine, trained as a Yoga Siromani, energy healer, and spiritual medium, worked as a personal chef, made life-long friends, traveled, hiked unbelievably beautiful country, and have met the love of my life. More than anything, I have given myself the opportunity and the freedom to create the life and career I've always imagined.

    Now, I am a coach empowering divorced women and teaching them to listen to their Soul's calling. I want to walk with them as they navigate single life once again and to lift them up as they take a stand for the life they aspire to create in their newfound freedom.