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    Lima, Perú
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    I'm a client orientated person with experience in Staff Recruitment, Interview Management, Labor Law, Conflict Management, and Policy Development. I have three years of experience in an international organization in the HR department and one year in a high-end pharmaceutical company in the Marketing department. Spanish is my mother tongue, but I've got an Advanced-native English level. Recognized at the International Potato Center as: 2016 Outstanding Performer employee.

    I help Young Professionals transform their careers into passion.

    These Young Professionals are tech school/college students in their junior and senior years, as well as graduates, either starting their Internships or full-time jobs. Young Professionals want a meaningful job, they want to be acknowledged, rewarded and feel that they belong there. It is not just about the money.

    I accompany them in their professional journey, helping them turn their careers into something they will love, while at the same time, strengthening their work ethic and soft skills.