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    Hi, I'm Alex. It's great to meet you!

    I coach high-achieving young professionals and millennial's who want to create a more intentional life. What exactly do I mean by that you ask? I began my professional coaching career to help people in the position I was once in - anxious, overwhelmed, and living a life that was not authentic.

    I understand the demands and difficulties of being a millennial and by partnering together we will make sure that your higher self emerges. I work with individuals who want to create healthy habits, develop a sustainable work life balance, improve time management and organizational skills or who are experiencing a difficult transition. We work together to understand the vision of what is important in life and create an individualized plan for to get it! We focus on the barriers that reside within the mind that hold us back, and create new habits that are aligned with your goals.

    When I'm not working with others or on my own self-development journey you can find me skiing, hiking, biking or in our garden along the beautiful Wasatch Front in Ogden, Utah.

    If any of this sounds like you or someone you know then let's have a conversation to connect!

    - Alex