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    A CTA Certified Coach
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    My career began as a Clinical Social Worker helping children and families in crisis. And my path led me to work in marketing for Fortune 100 companies domestically internationally and then to forming an independent production company with my dedication to helping and coaching others as a core value and approach.

    In managing teams in my career, I began to see the stress my female employees were having “balancing” work and motherhood. I felt that imbalance myself when I became a mother, and knew I wanted to do more to help working women. I formed Life Crafts Coaching in 2019 to empower working wome, and help them realize personal goals while managing the mental load of motherhood.

    I am passionate about helping my clients and advocating for the rights and health of all women, and am honored to have been recognized by the City of Los Angeles, The Board of Los Angeles County Supervisors, and The City of West Hollywood for this work.

    Find out more at https://LifeCraftsCoaching.com.
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    Certified Life Coach and Producer