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    Mary is a natural coach and started coaching decades before she was ever certified. In the past it took on other roles throughout different careers. She coached students on the dance floor who never thought they would have the courage or ability to glide across the floor. She coached people through the stressful process of buying and selling real estate and was always able to be their calm in the storm.

    Now, after finding the path that aligns fully with her values and core beliefs, Mary has simply cut out the middle man and coaches people on how to reach their goals, whatever they might be. She specializes in helping women in their prime redesign their life by creating and implementing success strategies. Her coaching provides a safe space to gain new perspectives and find the clarity and confidence needed to step into success.

    You will immediately feel at ease upon entering a session with Mary. Her calm demeanor and strong intuition will help you find the paths that need to be explored. She has a gift of seeing straight to the root of any situation giving you more time to explore the solutions rather than the problem. Her strong intuition, attentive listening, and reflective questions are the tools she will use in order to give you a deeper self awareness.
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    Certified Coach