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    ? I help millennials discover the career they are meant for.

    ✅ No more putting in extra hours at a job that is slowly eating away at your soul
    ✅ No more sleepless nights wondering if work will ever give you a sense of purpose & fulfillment
    ✅ No more time spent feeling lost and directionless about what to do next

    I'll show you how to:
    ? Execute on an actionable plan that will lead to you quitting your current job
    ? Create a vision for your future that is full of meaning
    ? Make confident decisions about your next career path that are right for you

    ? 1-on-1 career coaching

    ? Millennials who are unfulfilled in their current career & are looking to change careers

    ? I live for those moments when everything clicks and my clients really get it. My life's purpose is to help others live lives filled with intent, meaning, and joy.

    ⭐️ I spent 5 years exploring 8 different career paths before I discovered coaching. While working as a Software Engineer, I explored various career paths in tech, contemplated becoming a therapist, volunteered at a hospice & daycare center, started a blog, and started an Amazon FBA resellers business. Through the development of my own intuition and making the mindset changes to overcome my limiting beliefs, I was able to see clearly that coaching was the career that was meant for me.