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    After graduating from college, I began my career as a CPA and then spent several years as a financial analyst at a leading global investment bank before joining a prestigious New York hedge fund. However, it was the High Impact Leadership executive education program at Columbia Business School that ignited my lifelong passion for professional growth in leadership development and a powerful desire to help others advance their own leadership skills.

    During my 25-year tenure as CFO at the hedge fund, I realized that the traditional “command and control” structures which dominate the financial services industry may motivate some people to do their jobs well on a transactional basis, but that inspirational leaders are able to consistently find ways to cultivate in their team a steadfast commitment to a cause and to each other. This level of commitment has a profound impact on outcomes.

    I modeled this philosophy throughout my professional career (in fact, “SAGE” is an acronym for Set A Good Example), and it represents the foundation of my coaching practice today.