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    I am an energetic, passionate, and talented executive and team-level coaching professional with a firm grasp of motivating and leading individuals to adopt mindsets and behaviors practiced by high-performing teams. My experience comes from helping clients in corporate settings within multiple industries (Finance, Healthcare, Government, Mortgage/Banking, Nonprofit, Hospitality) establish goals, build skills, and learn through individual and group sessions. I am known for supporting personal growth in self-awareness, life-long learning, and accountability for one's own actions and practical solutions.

    Outside of my corporate clients, I have a private practice focused on helping mid- to executive-level GenXer's make life work in their favor. Being a GenXer myself, I am uniquely positioned to assist with life challenges such as career development and pivoting, managing multiple generations under one roof, relationship challenges including divorce recovery, single- and co-parenting, and more. My practice is based on finding simple solutions that bring joy and inspiration back into my clients' lives despite the challenges life throws at them.

    Pamela Robb
    SJI Transformative Change Coaching
    B | 855.997.7900
    C | 240.446.5474